Team Building Programmes

What is Team Building Programmes?

Team Bonding Programmes allows schools to achieve a set of strategic goals while allowing teachers to unwind and relax at the same time.

Improve Team Bond

Through interactive team activities, we seek to improve the cooperative levels of your team.s

Unwind & Relax

Designed to be fun & engaging, these programmes allows teachers to recharge themselves and get ready to achieve more, as a team.

Why is Team Building Important?

EduSparks’ team building programmes are specially designed to improve team relationships and align team members with shared goals.

Improve Relationships & Communication

Team building activities will help colleagues better understand each other’s weakness, strength and interests.

Fostering Innovation & Creativity

Teams will be forced to think out-of-the box for ideas during the activities, which they can also use in their daily workplace operations.

Recognizing each other as a team

Team building activities will help to bring colleagues closer together and motivate them to bring their job to the next level.

“Collaboration allows teachers to capture

each other’s fund of collective intelligence.”

– Mike Schmoker

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Nurture Education Group

Taipei, Taiwan 2016

Carpe Diem Kids World 

Hong Kong 2016

Just Kids

Singapore 2016

Appleland Montesseri

Phuket 2016

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