Creative Art and STEM (Introduction)

By Dr. Kok Chung Oi, Kay


30 July 2020; 1PM to 3PM

Mode of Instruction


Target Audience

L1 and L2 educators who are interested in using STEM education in their classroom teaching.


In this preview training, we will explore how art can be used as a platform to promote STEM education in preschools. As we determine the purpose of STEM education in early childhood education, we explore how to create artworks to develop various STEM dispositions such as curiosity, flexible thinking skills, collaborative thinking skills, etc. to support STEM disciplines.

Discussion Points:

What is STEM education?
What is the purpose of STEM education?
Why is creative art used as a tool to enhance STEM education?


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About the Trainer

Dr. Kok Chung Oi, Kay, is an art researcher, semantic scholar, interdisciplinary artist, writer, and education. Her research focus is about using robotics and art (STEAM) to develop dispositions for STEM education and disciplines. Dr. Kok presents in international conferences and published her works in academic journals and book chapters. Also an avid painter and one of her works is on display at the platform level of MacPherson MRT Station.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prepare for this attend this preview session?

For the best learning experience, participants are advised to use a laptop to participate in the online preview session. We strongly encourage 1 device to 1 participant to ensure a better learning experience. Please ensure that your device is equipped features such as microphone, camera and speaker as well.

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A certificate of participation will be emailed to participants who attended the class. The certificate will highlight the topic introduced during the class. 

What will the online previews be about?

The online previews is a complimentary 2-hour online training for participants to join in to learn and upgrade their skills and knowledge. Participants will gain a further understanding about the topic discussed and can choose to sign up for the full course scheduled at a later date.

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